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N438 / $1
N455 / $1
N435 / $1

N455 / $1

***** / $1




How much BTC can I exchange?
As an individual you can only exchange $25 / 0.0035BTC to $1,000 / 0.140BTC daily and this falls by half for your subsequent transactions.

Why am I restricted to exchanging half of my first transaction?

As per HFT regulations to guide against flash crash of the financial markets. Restrictions are placed on activities that may lead to market monopoly and abuse. This regulations are tightened further for High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms. In other words your first transaction amount is halved as your supply benchmark daily. 

(1). if your first exchange amount is $2,000 / 0.228BTC subsequently you can only exchange $1,000 / 0.114BTC daily.
(2). If your first exchange amount is $500 / 0.057BTC subsequently you can only exchange $250 / 0.0285BTC daily.
(3). If your first exchange amount is $100 / 0.0114BTC subsequently you can only exchange $50 / 0.0057BTC daily and so on.

Do I need to register with your system?

No you don't need to register with our system since you're selling BTC to us but you are required by law to include a valid means of identification or a clear photo selfie of you. We only sell/supply to HFT partners not to individuals, they must provide us with documentations.

How often can I use this service?

You are restricted by law to only once per day and that transaction is usually reduced to half or 50% of your first transaction amount as stated above. This regulations are put in place to mitigate service monopoly and abuse that may lead to flash crash of the financial market.

Who attends to my order?

Our system receives and confirms your order 24/7 but we also have human cross-examination of orders all within the first hour of order receipt.

What is your refund policy?

We rarely have incomplete transaction but when that happens after our system/team has confirmed receipt of your BTC to our wallet address. We will communicate your bank to troubleshoot why your transaction is either pending or not processed. This usually happens within the 24 hours of complaint. If all avenue to complete the transaction fails we refund your BTC to the exact wallet address sent from minus nominal transaction charge.

What documents do I need to verify my identity?

You only need a clear selfie photo of you for transactions less than $300 / 0.0342BTC and a government issued ID card for transactions ranging from $301 / 0.0342BTC to $2,000 / 0.228BTC

My ID document is company issued?

That's great, you can as well use under the first conditions of transacting less than $300 / 0.0342BTC but we may require additional information if you can't provide government issued ID.

How does your affiliate program work?

A unique referral link has been created the moment you have made a transaction ranging from $200/0.0228BTC and above you're automatically an affiliate. Our affiliate partners earns 25% of our profits from all their referred transactions. All you need do to confirm your interest is send "AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIP" to partners@firstratexchange.com. Once your interest is confirmed you get a dashboard to monitor all you earnings from the customers you referred both (verified and UN-verified customers). Your affiliate link can be shared via email, Facebook, blog or embedded in a website etc. Anyone who clicks on this link and transacts on our website becomes your referral and you will receive commission up to 25% of our earnings from their transactions.

How often can I get paid of my earning accrual?

We make payment of affiliate earnings weekly on Friday of every week but on request we can pay earlier than Friday with 10% service deduction otherwise Friday payouts doesn't attract service fees. You can call that TGIF payday!

Who can I refer? 

RULES: You can refer anyone provided it's not yourself. Referring oneself is a fraud! You cannot refer yourself in anyway (either in disguise or open). We have put security mechanisms to check this type of fraud. Any account detected to have perpetuated this type of fraud will have all commission earned frozen at the point of withdrawal and account closed by the admin.  

Need further assistance?

You can e-mail support@firstratexchange.com or chat with us 24/7.

I would like to work with First Rate Exchange?

If you are alpha enough to get into our team kindly send an e-mail to careers@firstratexchange.com