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First Rate Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange with +6years dealing in cryptocurrencies and +12 years in other e-currencies. We have the most competitive market price! because of our high demand to supply 538 BTC volume to our high frequency trading (HFT) partners daily. All figures are live mid-market rates which are usually not available to consumers on traditional exchanges.
High-Frequency Trading (HFT) can be defined as using an automated  trading system that uses complex algorithms to scan markets for even the  smallest of opportunities, execute millions of orders at speeds faster  than the traditional market participants. Often they make only a small  profit on each transaction but by being super fast and placing vast  amounts of orders they nonetheless generate large returns.

Who are our customers?
We provide services to large High Frequency Trading Firms, Online Forex Brokers, Internet Merchants, Fellow Exchangers, Consultancy Companies and Individuals, who prefer safe e-currency exchange, cash to e-currency or e-currency to cash services.

Why are we different? 
We are one of the largest e-currency exchangers providing services to large companies as well as to any client wishing to buy or sell small amount as we aggregate the volume to meet constant HFT supply. Our customers have always up-to-date information about their orders thanks to our order-tracking facility. Incoming and outgoing payments are always processed on the same business day.

Why choose us?
First Rate Exchange is dedicated to becoming the industry leader in e-currency and crypto-currency exchange, payment solutions and related services for companies and individuals worldwide. First Rate Exchange was built on the principles of credibility and security.